Beant lives and works in Eindhoven.

She was born in India and then studied and worked in the United States and Norway before coming to the Netherlands. S

he started with calligraphy paintings and still makes those, but after coming to the Netherlands, she was exposed to the works of abstract artists especially Piet Mondriaan. This brought a shift into her style, and she made a series inspired by 'De Stijl' movement. This then evolved to these expressive abstract paintings you see in here in my galery


Her paintings are part of private collections in United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and India.

Her work is often inspired by stories, poems and a rich mix of cultures that she has been exposed to, as seen in the colors, compositions and titles of the paintings. She believes that abstract art enables us to think beyond limits and boundaries and to 'discover' new perspectives every time we see them.

Thus, her paintings are not just about what we see but also how we feel or think when we look at the painting. She works with eco-friendly and sustainable art materials. As a way of giving back to the society, she conducts an art fundraiser every year where 50% or more of the profits are donated to a non-profit organization. She is open to collaborating with non-profit organizations, so feel free to reach out to her in case of questions or proposals here